Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Based on this post from this post on Last Plane to Jakarta, I suspect that John Darnielle is kind of fucked in the head.

That aside, I agree with pretty much everything he says, and would like an excuse to get drunk right now just so that I could shout gleefully and off key to this, in between tripping over things and assuring my friends repeatedly that I 'LOVE THEM, MAN!' because that is pretty much what music like this is made for.

I must ask, though: Guys? You did realise that by naming yourselves The Beets, you guaranteed that the first reaction upon hearing your name, for most people, was going to be: 'Wasn't that the name of the band from Doug that did that Killer Tofu song?'

This is going to bother the hell out of me.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Times And Seasons

'I love this urban music! It makes me feel so young and poor!' -JPod
My friend James, who has spent most of his life in an upper class New Zealand suburb, put this together. It's not necessarily the reaction he was going for, but I cannot listen to it without envisioning it played live in a dive bar in Brooklyn, everyone present trying to look like they care less about what's going on than the people standing next to them; the sort of people who have put a lot of time and money into looking every bit as derelict as the homeless drug addict dying quietly in the ally next to the club where they go to bum clove cigarettes off of their friends between sets.

It has made me miss New York City terribly. Well done.